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April 2017 Francesca Haselden posted this message:

“I’m trying to find some more information about Haselden Farm. Haselden is my surname and my grandfather, though born in London, believes he had family in East Sussex. I stumbled upon Haselden Farm on Google Maps and am trying to see if I can tie it to my family history. Does anyone know if the farm at any point was occupied by a Haselden family? Or if it got the name from elsewhere? The only census I can find it mentioned in is 1861 where it is occupied by the Stapely family.”

April 21, 2017: reply from Arthur S. Haseltine “My name is Art Haseltine, I live in Springfield, MO. The Haselden’s who owned this place lost it in the 1630’s to someone working for King Charles I they were puritans during the English Civil War. One of them was a merchant adventurer who helped financethe Pilgrims in 1620. Two sons (Peter and Robert) came to Rawley, Mass in 1636. You can google and find where their farms were. Some of their descendants moved to Rockingham Vermont and are buried there. Over the years the names changed for some of their descendants to Haseltine. I descend from them. My great great grandfather Ira Haseltine founded the town of Richland Center, Wisconsin. Frank Lloyd Wright the architect was born in his home. Ira was a US Congressman a founder of the Abolition Party in Rippon Wisconin in 1854 and seconded Abraham Lincoln’s name in nomination for President at the Republican Convention in Chicago in 1859. He established orchards in Greene County Missouri after that was elected to Congress in 1880. Hope this helps your research. Good luck cousin!”

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