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Extract from Wealden Iron: Series 1 Volume 9 1976 Internet edition

“BRIGHTLING or GLAZIERS FORGE (& FURNACE?) TQ 651 213 Wealden Iron pp.301-2.
A long private road leads to this site from Dallington, and a number of houses are grouped around it. The one on the right, below the bay, is probably contemporary and if so is the iron-master’s house. The road from it to Glaziers Farm runs along the top of the bay which is c.60 yards long. It is now 4 feet high upstream and 10 feet on the downstream side, which is revetted with stone. The lawn running from the front of the probable ironmaster’s house to the stream has been made up with several feet of forge cinder which can be seen in section in the stream bank. It contains many forge bottoms, some of which have fallen into the stream. Among this debris is a small amount of glassy blast-furnace slag. This supports Straker’s idea that a blast furnace once existed here. The owner of Glaziers Farm has a cast iron half mould, said to be for making cannon balls. It does not seem, that in practice it could be used for this purpose, and it is more probable that it was used as a gauge for testing the shape and size of balls. It has a diameter of 51/2 inches. There are many minepits in the woodland E. of the road to the site. “

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