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I’ve collated here a number of older messages regarding the Sivyer family. If you have any more information or questions please use the Reply box below

August 13, 2009 | Linda Sivyer   “I live in Australia and we have traced our Sivyer ancestors back to Dallington with confirmation of this to around 1660s to a John Sivyer. I visited Dallington in 2007 and went to the church yard/cemetery but the old graves were too difficult to read. Is there any possibility of receiving a list of names buried in the church yard? I would appreciate any help that you could give.  We have proof back to William Sivyer born 17-7-1757 at Salehurst who married Elizabeth Burtt on 26 June 1786. William Sivyer died in 1838 at Cranbrook. From William’s parents back, we have names and dates but no proof of anything. What we have is:

  • JOHN SIVIER born 1661 at Dallington married Elizabeth YORK born 1661 at Dallington. They were married on 23 October 1688. John and Elizabeth had 5 children, youngest of whom was Francis born 3.12.1702 at Dallington..
  • Francis SIVIER married Sarah FORSTER on 28 October 1731 at Salehurst . They had 7 children of whom William born 17-7-1757 at Salehurst is the youngest and so we go down from there. We know that there were Sivyer (Sivier)s at Dallington from the Hearth Tax Records. So, if anyone knows of how we can go back further, it would be great. My father has researched and paid people in the UK to do research for him for over 40 years and now, this is as far back as we can go. What a steep little hill it is to the church yard at Dallington. I will send you separately a photo taken of me standing below the clock.”

Reply from Douglas Sewell on August 18, 2009:  “Regarding the Sivyer(Sivier) enquiry I am working on a updated version of the burial list for both the churchyard and the cemetery. If I can identify the name I will let you know….Douglas.”

April 19, 2010 | David Edgerton: “I also live in Australia (Brisbane) and my mother was also a decendent of William Sivyer and Elizabeth Burt. I found a site which traced the Australian Sivyer’s back to the Grandparents of Willian. According to the site Willams parents were John Sivyer (born Dallington 1661) and Elizabeth York. John’s parents were John Sivyer and Martha Rolfe. I am visiting the UK in Sept 2010 and am also hoping to find more history about the Sivyers.”

From Holly Schuetz on April 21, 2010:  “Hi..I’m from US. My ancestor, David Sivyer immigrated to US from Kent, England. According to his marriage record, his parents were Francis Sivyer & Sarah Poile of Kent, England. I know my Sivyers go way back to 1660′s, but would like to document the births, marriages of Sivyers in Dallington. Where can I write to look at parish christening records?
Would like to know more about my Sivyers. My gg grandmother was Sarah Jane aka Jeannie/Jeanette Sivyer – daughter of David Sivyer and Philomena Brunette. Thank you. Sincerely, Holly”

June 22, 2010 /jackie “hi, i just wondered if any of you have come across in y research,a francis sivier c1790,married a mary ann davies 1812 alfriston sussex?have drawn a complete blank on him, sivier is my mum paternal line, jackie”

From Christine Colbourne on August 13, 2010: “Hi – I am doing a One Name Study on SIVIER/SIVYER and have done quite a bit of research on the Sussex Siviers. The marriage of John Sivier and Martha Rolfe does not appear on the Sussex Marriage Index but there is the one reference to the couple on the Dallington baptism registers as the parents of Thomas Sivier baptised 9 Mar 1664. There is also a baptism on 5th Jan 1661 for a John Sivier – son of John Sivier. It is this John Sivier that people are assume married Elizabeth York 23 Oct 1688 in Dallington. However – if you check the burial registers for Dallington you find that John Sivier son of John Sivier died in 1669 and was buried there on the 18th May. Hence he cannot be the John who married Elizabeth York. Looking at wills of the time which mention John Sivier of Dallington it would appear he was a son of Stephen Sivier who married Elino r/Helen Lymberhurst at Sedlescombe in 1658.
Christine Colbourne – member of the guild of One Name Studies rersearching SIVIER/SIVYER/SIVERS/SIVER

From Trevor Sivyer August 31, 2011: “it is very interesting reading your comments about the sivyer name is trevor sivyer and i live in hastings in east sussex,england. my brother graham and mother still live locally as do most of our children. many years ago my grandfather(robert sivyer) which was also my fathers name traced back many 100s of years and most of our relatives were in the mayfield/east hoathly areas of east sussex,these places are not far from dallington.”


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