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JOHN SANDS was born in 1703 in Dallington, Sussex (source : Lee Jacobs and Philip Thompson). He was baptised on 21st January 1703 in Dallington,Sussex (source : Lee Jacobs and Philip Thompson). He married MARY VALENCE on 18th January 1727/8 in Warbleton, Sussex (source : IGI, Batch No.: M042841 Dates: 1559 – 1812 Source Call No.: 0504418 Type: Film Printout Call No.: NONE Type: Sheet: 00 ). She was born in Warbleton, Sussex (source : Philip Thompson).
JOHN SANDS was born circa 1740, to JOHN SANDS and MARY SANDS nee VALENCE? (source : Joanne Mays Becker ). He was baptised on 9th December 1733 in Warbleton, Sussex (source : Joanne Mays Becker). He was a farmer (source : Joanne Mays Becker). He married ELIZABETH MARTIN on 5th February 1760 in Mountfield, Sussex (source : Keith Sands). The witnesses were Jeremiah Shadwell and William Sands. She was born circa 1738 in Mountfield, Sussex (source : burial entry). Her parents were WILLIAM MARTIN and KATHERINE CATT and she was christened on 21st November 1738 in Mountfield, Sussex (source : IGI, no source available).

JOHN SANDS (and/or his son JOHN SANDS?) appear to have rented the Manor House, Dallington, from the Earl of Ashburnham, from 1772 to 1816. In 1785 the rental was 1 pound-10 per annum. ” The building, which is a three-bay hall house, dates from the late fourteenth or fifteenth century. Whilst it is not impossible that this building was once the manor house of Dallington, its size suggests that it is more likely to have been the seat of the local manorial court … The house was known as Manor House or The Manor, while the farmland, which lay to the south and east of the property, was known as Acelands Farm or sometimes Manor Farm” (source : “Dallington, Six Miles from Everywhere, the History of a Sussex Village” by Karen Bryant-Mole). The house stayed in the family until 1851, rented by James Sands (John Sands Jr�s son) (source : Joanne Mays Becker and Keith Sands).

ELIZABETH SANDS nee MARTIN died on 20th June 1787, just three months after her son John�s marriage to Anne, and was buried in Dallington, St Giles, stone number 31 (source : SFHG Tombstone Inscription). The inscription reads : � SANDS, ELIZABETH, wife of JOHN SANDS, 20/6/1787 aged 48�, so JOHN SANDS was still alive in 1787. The Bishop’s Transcripts record a burial on 6th January 1787 for the “wife of John Sands sen.” . John senior was possibly buried on 8th April 1812 in Dallington, but as no age is given, this may not be him (source : Joanne Mays Becker).


JOHN SANDS was born circa 1757. He was christened on 30th November 1760 in Dallington, Sussex (source : Dallington Parish Register).
MARY SANDS was born circa 1765. She was christened on 28th July 1765 in Mountfield, Sussex (source : Keith Sands). She died on 12th January 1793 in Dallington, Sussex, aged 27 (source : SFHG tombstones and burials index). She was buried on 16th January 1793 in Dallington, Sussex (source :Keith Sands). Her tombstone (number 30 in St Giles, Dallington, Sussex) reads : ” SANDS, MARY, died 12/1/1793, aged 27″ (source : SFHG tombstones and burials index).

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