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February 20, 2017 Milly asked “Does anyone know of the name Pound in Dallington circa 1850s or thereabouts. The first names are Henry Bidder Pound, Francis Gad Pound,Ebenezer Pound of Brooklands Cottage and Ann Pound? Thank you”

  • Reply from site editor “Dear Milly – a quick Google search found a navy service record for Gad Pound. He’s shown in the 1861 census as having been born in Dallington in around 1836, though on the date of the census was in Shanghai on the Royal Navy vessel “Actaeon “. By 1881 he’s retired and living in Surrey. If I have a chance to find out more I’ll post it here, and please share whatever you find and I’ll set up a separate page for the pound family”
  • Milly: Dear Pauline Thank you very much for your interesting reply. Pound is my Grandfather and his ansestors surname. I think there were a few in and around Dallington. I’m going to try and research further but thank you for the info.”

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