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Alan H Fraser posted query February 11, 2014 “I’m looking for photographs of Rev. John Charles le Pelley Hatten, a cousin of my grandmother Mabel Elizabeth Hatten, who was Rector of Dallington from 1911 to 1934. He died at St. Leonards on Sea on 30 Jan 1943, and was buried in Dallington. He and his wife Lilian (nee Lilian Frances Susan Kingsford) had two children, Violet (born 1911, died in 1928) and John (born and died in 1914), so there are no surviving relatives who may have photographs of the family. I have managed to find photographs of Rev. Hatten’s World War 1 communion set, service medals and service record that were  “sold on eBay. Thanks to anyone who can help!

  • Pauline Ridley : Dear Alan – there’s a photo in the book Six Miles from Everywhere – details on Resources page
  • Alan: “I can’t see any way to post photos here, is there an email address where I can send the photos of Rev. Hatten’s World War 1 communion set, service medals and service record?”
  • Nigel Draper: “Rev. Hatten officiated at the wedding of my grandparents at Ashburnham parish church in June 1915. His signature on the marriage certificate reads “J. CLeP. Hatten Rector of Dallington”
  • Alan “Thanks to Nigel Draper for new info about Rev. John Charles le Pelly Hatten.[and] Thanks to Pauline Ridley for her help with obtaining Karen Bryant-Mole’s book, and the picture of my grandmother’s cousin Rev. John Charles Le Pelley Hatten with his family. The photo was supplied by Jean Farmer. I’ve been in touch with Karen,but she doesn’t now have contact details for Jean. Around 2003 Rev. Hatten’s Field Communion set and WW1 medals were sold on eBay to a collector in Ireland, but he cannot now remember who he bought them from. I’m now looking for anyone who may have other photos of the Hatten family, as there are no surviving relatives. Their daughter Violet died of TB in 1928 when she was 16, and Karen’s book says her friends in the Rangers took turns to sit at her bed side. Would any photos of the Dallington Rangers from those days have survived?

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