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Forwarded message from Gwenda Baker September 3, 2013
George Baker, b.1787 Dallington
“I believe my 2xGreat Grandfather was the above George Baker. There is a baptism at Dallington Church on 2nd September 1787 – parents Thomas Baker & Mary. There are others between 1785 – 1795 at Wartling and Herstmonceux, giving the same names as parents. Do you have access to the abode of Thomas in 1787? George’s son James lived at Bemsalls, Bodle Street, and later farmed at Mayfield and Ticehurst. His sons Tom and Charles went to Carricks Farm and Haselden. The family would be very interested to know that Charles was returning to his Grandfather’s area.
Perhaps there is a record of the burial of Thomas and Mary (Colbran) too. I would appreciate you help so much. Having recently found my second cousins in your area, I have made several visits, and hope to be in Dallington again around the 12th and 13th of this month.”

  • February 1, 2014 Margaret Brook replied:
    “My 2x Great Grandfather was Reuben Baker, b1794 Dallington. Parents were Samuel Baker and Mary Edwards (Tree on I’m keen to find links with Samuel and Mary. Reuben’s son Levi, b 1827 Warbleton lived in Gardner Street, Herstmonceux (Praise the Lord Cottage). He married Jane Page and later, Harriett Fulbrook. He was a carrier and farmer.
  • February 8, 2014  Kim Baker replied:
    “Margaret, Reuben Baker was my 3x Great Grandfather. I’m in the line of Levi->George Levi->Evelyn Levi who moved to Canada. George Levi Baker and his wife Sarah Ann Brook are my Great Grandparents. Feel free to contact me at the address below. [Editor: email address now removed]  I’d love to learn more about my heritage and happy to share what I know.
  • Margaret Brook “Thank you for your response, Kim. I have emailed your address. Thank you Dallington History Website! This is a connection that I never expected to make so I’m delighted! Thank you for all your hard work with the website; I’m sure there’s a lot of dedication involved. I’m glad I made a return visit to see if ‘that book’ is still availbable. (It’s on my To Do List!)”
  • February 8, 2014 Editor: “Glad it’s helped you make contact with each other! I’m hoping to get some time this year to update and reorganise the materials to make it easier for people to use, so do let me know what you’d like to see here.”


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